2.divarin kausiennakko 1/23


Superliigan 2. divarin kausiennakko podcastin muodossa.

00:50 – Alejandro Ovetskin & Ovipeelot
03:50 – Cetified Forklift Drivers
08:35 – Excelsior
11:40 – FK Partizan
15:00 – Goodfellas
18:40 – HC Breams
23:00 – HC Tylykone
26:35 – Kiekon Vastaisuus
30:10 – North Korea
34:43 – Sinappikone
39:00 – Team Emerica
42:20 – Unstoppable Pressing
48:00 – Mitalistiveikkaukset by Firmino & Sloggi
Äänessä: Firmino ja Sloggi
Julkaistu: 27.11.2022 22:31
Avattu: 628 kertaa

Kommentit (3)

P.Ton87, 27.11.2022 23:13

Hoc taisi lopettaa uran. Ei oo KiVassa enää ollenkaan. 


Novota, 28.11.2022 01:28

Can someone translate what was said about Unstoppable Pressing? Because we don't understand you very well :D

Firmino, 28.11.2022 09:31

"It's been a very long time since we saw Pressing in 2nd Division was in the 3/20 season when they managed to get only 4 points. It didn't go well but obviously the guys have some lag issues. It's very nice to see the team apply to Superliiga and to see them play and hopefully they will grab points, not quite sure in what form the team are currently. " I don't think these guys will win at all this season. They've been playing in a few of the Summer Cups and once in the Liiga. They have always finished the season but without any real success. It was pretty difficult last time to arrange games as they didn't use discord for arranging but now I believe they have do have discord so that's a big plus. They can definitely challenge teams but I think they will get max 2 wins as I'm not sure do they have enough firepower to beat these teams. 

Hodně štěstí Novota :)


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